Dear You,

I miss your warm
and familiar body beside me.
And that pain
When I was confined,
In that box,
With the atmosphere
Filled with silence,
And solitude,
And confetti.

Those nights,
When I would write
Those saddest lines,
That one day
Would be forgotten.
And fade away.

Those moments,
When I would peer at the windowpane.
Outside this poetry,
In the edge of that far away,
And search the forever
That once had been there.

Those seconds,
And that look in your eyes,
Before you sleep.
You and I,
And infinite.

Those yesterdays,
And those spaces between your fingers,
As it lock perfectly with mine.
Under those stars,
In the same sky.
When you hold me near,
And pull me close.
Only to find myself,
Sinking in the cold thin air,
Drowning in your haunted memories.

Sometimes, yes,
I miss that pain.
And that feeling
Of being lost
In your gaze,
In your touch,
In your arms.
In those love letters,
And those words,
Between those spaces
That ebbs out
In all colours
Of genuine promises.
Swore in that grave,
Where everything,
Even pain,
Is hauntingly

SEpAnd in those pages,
And in that world
That we made,
And you have

But most of the time,
I just want to stay this way,
Doubted and scarred,
But never bloody
And wounded anymore.
Secured in empty bed sheet,
Never again finding your heartbeat.
And stained beneath my skin,
With you,
Peering underneath my eyelids.

Signed all my love,

*For Mae, abducted and tortured last September 28.


About KALasag (Opisyal na Papel Pampahayag ng Kolehiyo ng Arte at Literatura, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas)

KALasag, ang Opisyal na Papel Pampahayagan ng Kolehiyo ng Arte at Literatura, Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Ito ang magsisilbing pahayagan ng mga pananaw, usapin at paninindigan ng mga estudyante hinggil sa mga mahahalagang isyu. Ito rin ay magiging daan tungo sa pagbuo ng identidad ng kolehiyo at paghahanap ng lugar nito sa pamantasan at lipunan.


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