CEGP National Statement: Murder on the Chair

April 23, 2012

Press Statement



Pauline Gidget Estella

National Deputy Secretary General



Jonalyn Collantes Paz

CEGP Media Officer



Murder on the Chair



  Corporations are not people.

The development offered by SM Development Corporation is contradictory to its term, as it strikes another blow after the cutting of trees or their so called earth-balling in Baguio City. About 25,000 residents in Silverio compound, Parañaque has been subjected for demolition to pave way for the new condominium project under the helm and wands of Henry Sy– these are clear manifestations of their insatiable greed and devilry.

Protesters fighting for their rights have been brutally dispersed while four inhabitants have been massacred. These incidents manifest corporate greed over people’s need and prevalence of fascism under the US-Aquino2 regime.

Ironically, the elements of Philippine National Police who swore before the Philippine Constitution to protect the people and to defend the state against any threat are those who committed innumerable number of human rights violations. Just this morning, April 23, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) fired some bullets and killed Anakpawis Party-list member Raymund Aquino, 36; Arnel Tolentino, 21; Bodging Isais, 16; and Rodman Ortega, 16. Are these lives spared for the convenience of the demolition? How? To show an example of what they can do with their money and guns to innocent people?

The Police violently dispersed the protesters using water canon, tear gas and still some hit them with batons, punched, kicked and boxed with the protesters. PNP arrested 33 residents and charged them with resistance and disobedience to lawful order.

The mainstream media, who are supposed to inform the public, had their reports angled in favor of the oppressor, and stated that the root of viciousness emerged from the locals of Silverio Compound.

This Massacre clearly states the real situation in our country. The freedom of expression and to assemble are now crimes and when done will lead to imprisonment, detention, harassment, and sadly in this case – death. When we analyze the whole situation, we will figure out how the government of this country is used by investors and corporations against the people who voted them, pay taxes, and the same people who they should be serving and protecting the rights and welfare. And the watchdogs serve the interest of the rich and powerful.

Exploitation of our resources and manpower for the sake of profit, including the people, signifies the new face of imperialism. SMDC is not only murdering the trees, but is also killing its employees by giving unjust wages and maintaining contractualization as their mode of employment and now killing the entire community of Silverio by crashing its inhabitants to pave way for a condominium that will generate additional profit for the business.

We, from the College Editors Guild of the Philippines condemn the violent dispersal executed by the police authority – the Silverio Massacre, the greed of SMDC, the privatization of the basic rights made by the US-Aquino2 Administration and the mainstream media for choosing to serve the oppressor for the sake of profit.

From these cruelties of the 1%, CEGP- together with the 99% stands up for the rights of the toiling and abused masses. With our pens held high and our fists raised up, we will stand with the oppressed and together we will fight against the brutality of the state authority and the greed of these capitalists. We will continue to struggle against the privatization of the US-Aquino2 Administration to all basic rights and the unjust stories delivered by the media. We will never back down and we will never be defeated.

End the fascist regiment. People’s need over corporate greed.


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