Fighting the Destructive Mining in Cagayan

Magnetite mining remains to be a bloody issue in Cagayan. Although plenty of counter-efforts and manifestations of resistance had been previously made by those affected throughout the region, beneficiaries and both public and private officials involved in the mining process remain equally steadfast and firm on their stand.

The anti-mining campaign has come to a point of almost total silence.

Series of threats, display of hostility, game of deception: the story of how the people in affected areas were silenced is classic and almost clichéic. Previous attempts by activists and concerned citizens to curtail the various mining activities were either rendered cold shoulder or met with harsh response. In sum, the noise of the protesters was overpowered by the extreme ‘deafness’ of those who are in position.

An episode of muteness may have passed, but we who still care for the future of Cagayano posterity remain unabashed in our pursuit to stop all mining activities in Cagayan.

To fill in the knowledge and information gap that were created when the campaign halted, an environmental and social risk appraisal mission from a multi-sectoral involvement is beginning to rise up once again. In this mission, facts and figures will be gathered directly from those affected by the mining activities. This project aims to present a more transparent data demonstrating the present real condition of mining and its long and short-term effects to the livelihood of affected citizens and nature in general. Most importantly, it arouses mass participation in stopping the mining activities.

It is expected that citizens from all walks of life will be participating. No specific age range shall be imposed for attendance; everyone is invited to attend. This is to ensure a more effective and accurate fact-gathering to be utilized in examining the mining condition and formulating the most appropriate solutions for various problems existing.

We believe that a campaign will never stop as long as demands are not served right. This is just a continuation of what was started and Cagayanos will never cease to staunchly fight for what is right.


From College Editors Guild of the Philippines Website


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