Department of Art Studies

Brief History

In 1959, when the Department of English split into three units, the Department of Humanities and Philippine Institutions was one of the new departments to emerge. This unit was tasked to teach art appreciation in the style of the University of Chicago. The pioneers of the program included Aurelio Estanislao, Eliseo Pajaro, Leticia Ramos-Shahani, Ricaredo Demetillo and Virginia R. Moreno, all distinguished artists and men and women of letters.In 1964, an A.B. Humanities Degree was instituted.

By 1989, most of the members of the department were at the forefront of research in Philippine Art. There was a dramatic shift in art writing that had been focused on the fine arts. The study of art now included the creative endeavors of marginalized Philippine communities as well as popular art forms. The faculty changed its name to the Department of Art Studies to reflect the new approaches and paradigms required in these areas.

Currently, the Department of Art Studies administers three Baccalaureate degrees in Art Studies (Art History, Interdisciplinary and Philippine Art) and three Master of Arts degrees (Art History, Art Theory and Criticism and Museum Studies). It also offers three General Education courses, Art Studies 1 (Art and Society), Art Studies 2 (Art in Everyday Life) and Humanities 2 (Art, Man and Society).

From UP College of Arts and Letters Website


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