Institute of Creative Writing

The U.P. Board of Regents (BOR), in its 908th Meeting on 7 December 1978, approved the proposal for the establishment of the U.P. Creative Writing Center (UP-CWC). It was officially established on 1 June 1979. On July 2002, the BOR approved the proposal to change the name of LIKHAAN: The U.P. Creative Writing Center to U.P. Institute of Creative Writing (ICW). It has a two-fold mandate: 1) to stimulate writers from all parts of the Philippines to create and contribute to national cultural development; and 2) to assert the leadership of the U.P. in creative writing and, at the same time, to recognize the assistance of the University to the government in the formation of policies and programs related to the development of culture, particularly of creative writing.

It has lived up to its vision and mission as well as its objectives and strategies to the hilt, under its youngest director, Prof. Victor Emmanuel Carmelo D. Nadera Jr., and has become known for such major programs and projects as:

  • 43rd U.P. National Writers’ Workshop (Ang Manunulat sa Panahon ng Krisis), 11-24 April 2004, U.P. Baguio
  • Kumustahan Writers’ Seminar, 22-25 October 2003, Soka Gakkai International Cultural Center, Tagaytay City
  • 44th U.P. National Writers’ Workshop (Ang Manunulat at Globalisasyon) 27 March–9 April 2005, Inn Rocio, Baguio City
  • 45th U.P. National Writers’ Workshop, 3-9 April 2006, Pines View Hotel, Baguio City


  • Ang Aklat Likhaan ng Tula at Maikling Kuwento 2001
  • The Likhaan Book of Philippine Drama 1997-2003
  • LIKHAAN: The Journal of Contemporary Philippine Literature

Fund-Raising Activities

  • Writers’ Night (Auction during the Anniversary Celebration of Likhaan)
  • Likhaan Crative Writing Foundation
  • Blas F. Ople Foundation Donation

Grants and Scholarships

  • Likhaan Foundation Scholarship
  • Francisco Arcellana Scholarship

Reading Rooms

  • Gonzalo Gonzales Reading Room

Projects Regular Projects

  • Kuwentuhan (or Writers’ Forum)
  • Panayam (or The Living Voice Lecture Series)


  • Likhaan On Line
  • (or the Portal to Philippine Literature)

Award-Giving Activities

  • Madrigal-Gonzales Best First Book Award
  • Gawad Director (for the Likhaan Workshop Fellows for Winning Literary Awards)

Literary Readings

  • Conspiwriters’ Tuesdays (or the Literary Reading at the Conspiracy Garden Café)
  • Pistang Panitik (or the “Literary Woodstock”), 3 September 2006, World Trade Center

Special Projects

  • Video Documentary on U.P. Contribution to Philippine Literature, U.P. National Writers Workshop, and Likhaan: From CWC to ICW
  • Textanaga, Dalitext, Dionatext, Textsawikain and other text-a-poem contests
  • Kaakuhan Compact Disc Celebration of Alejandro G. Abadilla’s Centennial

Short Courses

  • Palihan with Tim Tomlinson (Writing a Rich First Draft), 4 July 2004, ICW Office

Outreach Programs

  • Literatour Workshops for Professionals, College and High School Students
  • Lit Trip (or the Literary Reading on Wheels)


  • Panitikabataan (or the First Student Writers’ Conference)
  • Seminar-Workshop On Teaching Creative Writing In Filipino And English

For the 100th year anniversary of the University, ICW is planning to have the U.P. Centennial Literary Prize, the Best Young Writers Book, Likhaan: Talaan ng mga Filipinong Manunulat, and the U.P. Writers Museum.

From Official Website of U.P. Institute of Creative Writing


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